Disinfection in the Community

Do we need to surface disinfect our community?

Churches, Schools, Pre-schools and Nurseries, Gyms, Spas, Locker Rooms, Hotels, Jails, Cafeterias and other eating areas, Residences, Kennels, Bio-hazard areas, Offices.


Multidrug-resistant organisms, like MRSA, and just plan old contagious organisms like flu and cold viruses reside in places where people gather and are easily passed from person to person via touched surfaces (tables, chair backs, doorknobs, bathrooms, etc). These areas are not normally cleaned as well as say, a hospital room, or even cleaned on any sort of reguar basis with anything more than a dust rag. Most of us are healthy and can easily fight off most bacteria and viruses, but many of us are immune-suppressed, or in a risk group (for instance the very young, the very old, those on dialysis or chemotherapy) and can easily become infected. LightClean can use the TRU-D light to clean common areas where these diseases are in the environment.

Also, we are hearing more and more about normal healthy people contracting “community-acquired diseases” like the bacteria MRSA. These are a

Watch this video about community area cleaning: