Infection Control

LightClean has professional staff trained in Infection Control Management!

ASK yourself these questions about your facility:

  • Are your infection control policy and procedures comprehensive?
  • Does your staff have adequate training?
  • Does your housekeeping staff understand the impact of nosocomial infections and their role in environmental management?
  • Do all your staff adhere to the procedures set up for their, and patients’, safety?
  • Are your isolation policies adhered to by everyone who comes in contact with the patient?
  • How are you evaluating your infection rates?
  • What products have you instituted for reduction of infection transmission by staff AND the environment?
  • Are you following CDC/APIC/SHEA guidlines for universal precautions?
  • Have you had costly outbreaks? Mortalities? Chronic Recurrances?
  • Are your infection control staff properly trained?
  • Where are you leaking money due to poor IC management?


Let our Professional Staff help you evaluate and improve your IC program, meet federal and state requirements, and reduce your incidences of infection

  • Profession consultation by an Infectious Diseases physician
  • Review cleaning practices
  • Review staff training, observe staff
  • Review of bio-assays and antibiograms
  • Evaluate where facility is leaking money due to incorrect ATB use, excessive lengths of stay due to infections
  • Address employee health protocols
  • Assess infection control rates
  • Suggest and review quality initiatives

Have Peace of Mind that you are doing everything possible to reduce Healthcare Acquired Infections in your Facility!