Surface Disinfection

TRU-D (Total Room Ultraviolet Disinfection) is an automated, remotely operated mobile disinfection light system that self-adjusts to the size and content dynamics of any room to deliver an ideal lethal dose of germicidal ultraviolet light (254nm).

LightClean can use TRU-D in your facility in conjunction with standard housekeeping practices to more completely clean your areas: hospital rooms, nursing home rooms, assisted living areas, long term acute care centers, operating rooms, emergency rooms, exam rooms.

Housekeeping + TRU-D = TERMINALLY CLEAN!

  • TRU-D achieves 3-4 log surface disinfection of pathogens in any space.
  • Treating airborne pathogens such as TB prevents recolonizing on disinfected surfaces.
  • Reduces cross-contamination of pathogens.
  • Effective reduction of unwanted pathogens every time.
  • Eliminating chemical use reduces liability, risks, odors, and costs.
  • Manage risk: disinfected environments improve staff and patient safety, and quality and cost of care.
  • Rooms can be occupied immediately after  treatment, no residual chemicals or toxins need to be cleaned away.


LightClean will bring our TRU-D machine to your facility!  Tru-D is easily moved room to room on wheels, and uses a standard plug.   The area to be disinfected will be blocked off (all organisms with DNA must be removed – that includes humans and live plants!).  A handheld remote activates the light to begin the disinfection process.  The special sensors on the light will determine how much light, for how many minutes, is needed to effectively clean the room to a 3-4 log reduction.  The light will automatically turn off when finished and  can be wheeled to another room for use.  The just-cleaned room is ready for occupancy!  The light can run 24 hours a day, as long as the rooms/areas are unoccupied.

Interested in buying your own TRU-D light? LightClean will direct you to the fine folks at LUMALIER CORPORATION for purchase of your own unit.

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